5 Reasons to Sell This Holiday Season

Over the last few years, I’ve sold most of my personal properties during December, November, and January. There’s a reason why. Actually, there are five reasons why that I’d like to share with you today:

5. Relocation buyers. Most employees that are transferring into the D.C. area start on January 1st, so they are in the area now looking for homes to purchase. Listing now means your home will be seen by this large group of buyers.

4. People are more emotional during the holiday season. People are simply in a better mood during this time of year. When buyers get emotional, they are usually more generous with their offers.

3. Tax buyers. There is another fairly large group of buyers that need to purchase a property by the end of the year for tax reasons.

There aren’t many tire-kickers in this market.

2. Historically, there is less inventory. With fewer homes on the market during these months, you’ll have much less competition than you would if you waited until spring to list.

1. Serious buyers.
If someone is out there looking for homes and knocking on your door in the cold, sleet, or snow, you can bet that they aren’t a tire-kicker. Buyers who are in this market during this time of year typically have one thing in common: they’re serious.

If you have any questions for me about selling your home or about real estate in general, give me a call or send me an email today. I look forward to hearing from you.