How to Start the Home Buying Process in 10 Easy Steps

Today we’re talking about 10 steps that you need to take if you’re preparing to buy your first home:

1. Check your credit score. You might be surprised at where it is. If you haven’t checked it in a while, make sure you pull it and it’s where it needs to be.

2. Start saving money now. Start making small sacrifices now so that you have enough money set aside to buy a home.

3. Look into a second job. If you have plenty of cash, don’t worry about this. If you don’t, this is a good way to get you to save some more.

4. Meet with a lender. Having a conversation with one before buying is very important. It might take you a year or two to get your financial ducks in a row, so it’s good to meet with them as early as possible in the process.

5. Check out down payment assistance programs. There are a lot of them out there for first-time buyers. You don’t have to save 20% anymore.

6. Find out what your comfort level is.
We don’t want you to be stressed out making your payments. We want you to live a comfortable life. If you’re not financially ready to buy yet, don’t feel pressure to pull the trigger until you’re comfortable.

7. Attend homebuyer seminars, just like the one we are running out of our office. If you want more information about our next seminar, feel free to reach out. 

Meeting with a lender early in the process is key.

8. Start looking at different neighborhoods. Take a look at different areas to make sure you’re seeing everything.

9. Go to open houses. Start getting a general feel for the homes on the market so that you can narrow your search further.

10. Interview real estate professionals. Just don’t work with somebody because you’re related or you feel obligated. Interview two, three, or even four different real estate agents to get a better idea of who can get you the best results.

If you have any questions for me, don’t hesitate to reach out and give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Why Are D.C. Home Sellers So Stressed Out?

Today we’re going to talk about the stress that a lot of homeowners experience during the home selling process. In this hot real estate market, with a shortage of inventory and bidding wars, you’ll hear all the time from the media that the market is “on fire” and you would think selling a home would be as easy as pie.

However, that’s as far away from the truth as possible. In this hot seller’s market, sellers are more stressed than ever. Part of this is because they are more involved than ever. They can track their properties views online, and doing so constantly can create a lot of stress. 

In this hot seller’s market, sellers are more stressed than ever.

Of the home sellers that were surveyed, 83% said they got enormous value from their real estate agent, but still said they were stressed out. In that same study, 30% of homeowners underestimated how long it would take to sell and 76% of these surveyed homeowners had to re-price their house.

Selling a home is much more stressful than it used to be, but it doesn’t have to be. You can still be involved in your sale without all that stress. That’s why it’s vital that you have the right professional representing you, someone who can take the stress off you and handle the job.

If you have any questions for me in the meantime or are interested in selling your D.C. area home, don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email. I would love to hear from you soon.